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What My Audience Is Saying

Wonderful, information packed presentation! I was surprised at how much I learned considering how many such presentations I’ve been to already.

Hi Roseanney,

I just wanted to thank you so much for coming out to our high school. You provided the students (okay, and me!) with really valuable information [about publishing]. We really appreciate it!

Angie M.

Good information, knowledgeable author/speaker Roseanney Liu – interactive session !!! Well done !!!

Thank you Roseanney for speaking [about networking] at our Gals Starting Over South Bay Seasonal Event. I loved the way you focused on each person and gave them something specific to work on in their particular industry. You certainly gave me a lot of great tips to start doing for our non-profit organization designed to help women restart their careers.

What People Are Saying about

Badassery 101

Overall it is easy to read and punchy [and great for the reader as]…  the message is really important because people have a decided tendency to limit themselves when their dreams are within reach.
Shahnaz R.

I loved the book!  I’m buying a few copies for some friends that could use this advice! I really liked the intro and thought all the chapters flowed really well.
Ann J.

What People Are Saying about

You did WHAT now?!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I got an advanced reader copy and I read the book in two days! Its so funny AND insightful! Lots of lessons throughout the book. Easy to read style, I could almost hear her voice as I read the words on the page. The book is inspirational too. Did I mention the book is funny!! PURCHASE it NOW!!
James Lott Jr.

This is a hilarious recollection of adventures great and small, usually through scenarios that we only see in the movies. However, within the entertaining romps I found heartfelt stories about growing up and how our experiences in our youth can really shape who we are, and how we react as adults. This book is worth checking out.
Greg W.

What My Readers Are Saying About

How to Survive Elementary School

So well thought out and thorough! I loved how the author included sections at the end of each chapter for her daughter to share her perspective and add thoughts. The bullying chapter is very well done and full of resources. Great suggestions throughout. As a mom of two (one in middle now, one still in elementary), I found the advice spot-on and super helpful. Great gift for teachers and moms with kids starting or attending elementary!
Beth T.

What a great idea to get the perspective of the child and parent. This is a very good guide for parent who have kids entering elementary school as well as going through it. All the topics are a must read. I really like the bullying and communication chapter. Morgan gives refreshing insights from the child’s perspective along with some pretty cool drawings.
Jacqueline H.

An awesome book that provides the unique perspectives of a parent AND the child on what school is really like these days. It covers everything from bullying to school projects, tween drama and communication skills. Because it offers the perspectives of both parent and child, it is relatable to all members of the family.
Christine O.





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