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Badassery 101


Learn the ten secrets on how to unleash your badassery from a bestselling author who’s been there done that; who has had incredible confidence, lost it for some time during the pre-adolescent years, and found her badassery again via mountain climbing and publishing multiple books at the same time and going after everything she wants in life.  This book helps you unleash that self confidence in order to craft the life you want and for you to be the most amazing You.

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How to Survive Elementary School

Brimming with candid stories and advice based on multiple parents’ perspectives and 4th grader and co-author Morgan Getting’s experiences, this book covers topics ranging from fundraising and volunteering to handling extracurricular and academic pressures, from drama among students and parents to bullying, from using social media and technology to working with students with disabilities.  This book serves to share with those who are already going through similar issues as well help those coming into elementary school anew to understand and navigate what’s in store.

You Did WHAT Now?!

Marching to the beat of her own drums, Roseanney Liu shares her first half-life memoir You did WHAT now?! that details many experiences that shaped who she is today – a straight shooter giving and tolerating no BS, able to see the humor in most things, and having a boundless curiosity and energy that enable her to explore the possibility in everything that piques her interest.

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Badassery 101

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