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Shoot me a line on what you think of my next project ideas. Do you think there’s a different angle I should include…do you know people relevant to these topics I should interview?  Let me know your thoughts via the Contact page.

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Book Ideas in the Brain

Idea 1

Working title ~

“The Mantra: 10 Common Sense Principles to Live Your Best Life.”  or

“Rofucious Says:  10 Guiding Principles to Live Your Best Life.”

Based on my own life and my unwavering guiding principles, I’ve been using these to have a good life and to influence my friends and children on how to live their best. Principles such as “under-promise and over-deliver on what you say to people you will do,” “visualize everything you want to have with the end in mind and your actions will follow suit”, “do the life’s work that you’d do for free”, “it never hurts to ask even when you think something is nearly impossible”, etc.

Idea 2

“A Crazy Day on the Job as a ….” tells in detail the highs and lows, the crazy, ludicrous and everything in between of various occupations, told by yours truly via interviews conducted with people willing to share their unbelievable stories from their jobs.  This book will give an eye-opening (and eyebrow-raising) experience the things we wouldn’t otherwise know about from other people’s occupations.  Think you know what it’s like to be a hairdresser, or a lawyer, or a UPS driver, or a kindergarten teacher, or…many many other jobs?  Think again.  Get to ready to be amazed and entertained by the tales.

Idea 3

You can’t do squat with that degree: creativity-based education that actually net you good money.  An exploration based on research and interviews with people in creative fields whose families balked at their wanting to major in that field in college or thereafter because of the perception that certain creative jobs do not make money. A sort-of how-to for people thinking about doing creative work and trying to figure out how it would pay to support their livelihood, and narrative format of real life cases (organized in the book based on specific fields) of how people started out clueless or making no money who are now making really good money doing what they love in the creative arts pursuits.

Idea 4

Living with mysterious illnesses like Lyme’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s, and Fibromyalgia.  I’ve been mystified by these diseases – but not personally been affected – and would like to know what it’s really like to live with these. The book will present truths based on patients and doctors that I will interview, other authors who have written on any one of these specific illnesses, pharmaceutical companies that have the most updated drugs on diminishing effects of these illnesses symptoms, and family members of patients who live with these. This would be a deeply personal and analytical exploration of what these illnesses really do and how they are caused.


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