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How To Survive Elementary School

An Amazon best seller and an honest account of various issues that parents and students face in the precocious 6-year phase of elementary school, How to Survive Elementary School is brimming with candid stories and advice based on multiple parents’ perspectives and 4th grader and co-author Morgan Getting’s experiences. Covering topics ranging from fundraising and volunteering to handling extracurricular and academic pressures, from drama among students and parents to bullying, from using social media and technology to working with students with different abilities, this book serves to share with those who are already going through similar issues as well help those coming into elementary school anew to understand and navigate what’s in store.



You Did WHAT Now?!

Marching to the beat of her own drums, Roseanney Liu shares her first half-life memoir You did WHAT now?! that details many experiences that shaped who she is today – a straight shooter giving and tolerating no BS, able to see the humor in most things, and having a boundless curiosity and energy that enable her to explore the possibility in everything that piques her interest. You did WHAT now?! gives detailed account Liu’s close encounters with wild animals that almost cost her dearly, why certain teachers she had as a youngster were fantastic, her oh-so-many jobs that finally landed her where she is happy today teaching and writing, why certain types of people are just flat out annoying and should live alone on their own island, how her independent nature was fostered in childhood that’s led to bravado and strength in adolescence and adulthood. Included are lists of random things in life Liu loves and finds annoying, as well as a few short essays on different topics ranging from parenthood, encounters with strangers, hot topics in media, and charitable work.

A Crazy Day on the Job

Coming soon Summer 2018, A Crazy Day on the Job As a…details many funny, harrowing, outrageous days on job in many occupations.  Know what kind of job where you might see dead animal carcasses in someone’s livingroom?  Or how about one where seeing potatoes and pickles stuck up someone’s you-know-where is pretty much the norm?  This is an eyebrow-raising, hilarious, cautionary read that you will breeze through, and one you will want to give to high school and college students you know lest they pick their occupations carelessly.

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