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Told you so

Quite honestly, I don’t know why people – especially those that were on the fence during the election – are still up in arms over Trump’s antics and his appointees for key roles in the cabinet and security council. 
The thing is, when someone has been telling you and then showing you for two years that they are a narcissistic, misogynistic asshole, you should just believe them and let your vote speak your voice. You don’t stay on the fence and vote them into presidency, giving them the “benefit of doubt”, hoping his “anti-establishment” ways will rile up government for the better. To do so makes you naïve. You also don’t wish and hope and pray that his appointees “work out” despite the fact that they are as unqualified to be in the appointed positions as he is. To do so doesn’t make you naïve anymore, but purely
It’s like telling your friend she shouldn’t try and date this ultra-douche who has cheated on every single one of his (former) girlfriends, who’s even abused some of them, or has stolen from some of them; who believes and tells you he’s the best thing since sliced bread when in fact, he’s just an asshole; who badmouths all his ex-girlfriends because, god forbid, it’s never his fault that the so-called relationships didn’t work out. But your friend thinks about it, and thinks about it some more, and she tells you, “Oh, but he’ll change now that he’s dating me,”, or, “Oh, but he’s so exciting and different from my previous boyfriends!”
So your friend is that undecided voter who ended up voting for Trump. (I won’t even bother talking about the ones who were pro-Trump in the first place and never wavered, because, well, you can’t argue with stupid or racist.) Now your friend has introduced her douchey assholey boyfriend to all your friends and her family.
And everyone rolls their eyes so hard to the back of their skulls and hope this bad boyfriend phase will blow over soon and hope that it’s their friend/daughter/sister who calls it quits sooner than later. But meanwhile, we all have to suffer through the insufferable boyfriend. The one with the orange skin and weird hair for which he takes Propecia.
So next time, friend, when someone tells you and then shows you, repeatedly, that they are an asshole full of hot air, please believe them and put them back in the corner. Don’t, again, for the love of god, give them another second of time and vote them into any political office where they can ruin not just your life but the rest of ours too.



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