About Roseanney

Roseanney Liu is an ESL teacher for adults, a freelancer writer and nonfiction author, and a hiker who resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two kids. When not teaching or researching for a writing project, you can find her chilling on the beach with family, swinging semi-acceptably at the local driving range, or hiking on a mountain.  She’s actively conquering her bucket list, one item at a time.

Roseanney is committed to guiding first time self publishing nonfiction authors to glide through the publishing journey knowing exactly what to do and how to do it every step of the way so that they can also have a successful launch as she had with her first two books.  With experience in working with cover designers, editors and formatters and the marketing savvy in delivering her books to Amazon’s best seller rank, Roseanney will help you achieve success as an author.

With unflappable confidence in tacking her goals and bucket list items, Roseanney is also great at teaching wallflowers and introverts specific confidence boosting strategies so that they can also live their personal and professional life as big as they want to without having to shout or hog the spotlight.

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